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Rome Train travel and local trains to and from Roma

Rome Train travel and local trains to and from Roma

Rome has a number of excellent rail systems that can get visitors and residents in, out or around the city. From the Leonardo da Vinci or Fiumicino International Airport, travellers can get to Rome either via the Leonardo Express trains or by the Metropolitan trains.

The Leonardo Express departs in 30-minute intervals towards the Roma Termini. The trip takes only 35 minutes and tickets can easily be purchased from the Termini news stands of the departure area of the train station. The Metropolitan Train on the other hand Trains in Romedeparts from the airport and terminates at the Tiburtina or Ostiense train stations. From there, travellers can take the Line B of the Rome Metro to the rest of the city.

The Termini is the main train station for the city of Rome. This is a very large terminal and it has an underground shopping district and a supermarket. This is where most trains stop for passengers, but long distance trains usually only stop in the stations around the city. From Rome, travellers have access to all the major train lines around Italy. This makes it a convenient launching point for sightseeing train tours of Italy.

The train network around the suburban parts of the city is very basic but completely functional. The train systems in Rome are all very efficient and reliable.

Travelling by train is probably the easiest way to get around Rome. The roads can be hectic in the city of Rome, especially during rush hour. The trains are a reasonable price and will get you from A to B the fastest. Trains also provide travellers with the best views of the Roman cityscape and the Italian countryside.

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Extra Travel info: There are some great annual events which take place in the city. Check out Rome Jazz festival and the Urban Theatre festival.

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