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5 Best Day Trips from Rome, Italy

Rome Day Trips

Rome is blessed with a large number of tourist hotspots and sightseeing attractions both in and around the city. Tourists visiting the city can often miss out on the many beautiful sights in the areas surrounding Rome. This can be remedied by making a few day trips from Rome to the many interesting destinations. Here is a list of the five best day trip destinations from Rome.

1. Lazio- Located close to Rome, Lazio or Latium is a great day trip destination for travellers. Lazio has many notable sights, including a number of old Etruscan ruins. These ruins are of great archaeological importance and offer visitors a look into Italy’s Day trips to Tuscanyglorious past.

2. Civitavecchia and Tarquinia – Visitors interested in roman history can take a trip to Civitavecchia and Tarquinia. Tarquinia is an ancient city that houses painted Etruscan tombs. The Etruscans ruled Rome before the arrival of the Roman emperors. Visitors can then take a trip to nearby, Civitavecchia, for refreshments and meals.

3. Ostia Antica – Travellers can make their way to Ostia Antica, an ancient Roman port via train. This is a good seaside destination. Travellers can then visit the seaside for picnics and some fun under the sun.

4. Tivoli – another great day trip idea is to make your way to Tivoli, where you can see the Villa of the Emperor Hadrian and take a walk through its gardens. This edifice was built in 134 AD and was the residence of the Emperor. You can also visit the Villa d'Este and its magnificent terraced gardens.

5. Lido di Ostia – The beaches near Rome are often busy and bustling with activity, while the beaches further up North are more tranquil and will appeal to those looking for a little privacy and some peace and quiet. Lido di Ostia is a very popular beach with locals and tourists.

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Extra travel ideas: In addition to visiting places susch as Tuscany, make sure to explain the different parts of Rome, including the Pantheon area and Piazza Navona for a coffee.

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