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Best places for Car Rental Hire in Rome

With Rome having a major airport and some smaller local airports, one of the easiest places to rent or hire a car in Rome is from the airport on arrival. Both Fiumicino and Ciampino airports have plenty of care rental companies present. There are several companies offering rentals at the big airports and the booths are easy to find in the Car rental in Amsterdamarrivals area

Once in the centre of Rome, all of the major car rental and hire companies, in addition to some local and small companies are present.

Best car hire companies in Rome, Italy

Which company to choose really depends on many factors. Prices change often so be sure to check the details of any offers (and check the small print). Booking online in advance can be the best way with discounts often possible.

Renting considerations

As with renting a car in any city or location worldwide, ensure that:

Driving tips

Ensure that you understands the driving rules in Rome and any other parts of Italy where you intend to drive in your car rental. Check speed limits for example and a good idea if to never drink and drive to ensure you meet any drink driving regulations. Not knowing the local rules and regulations for driving will not be an excuse if you did have an accident whilst driving in Italy.

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