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Rome is an excellent airport in terms of Budget, cheap and low cost airlines. A number of European budget airlines from a number of country's are available to choose from. A pick of the best options:

Easyjet - The British based airline offer routes between Rome and roughly 10 European cities including: Bristol, London, Basel, Berlin, Milan, Venice and Palermo.

Meridiana are an Italian airline and they offer soem good prices sometimes to and from Rome Fiumicino. There are a number of domestic flights including to Catania, Palermo and Verona. Internationally frm Rome Fiumicino you can choose from locations such as Cheap flights to RomeNew York, Athens, Mauritius and Tel Aviv.

Air Italy are a lesser known airline but they are an option also. With flights to and from Rome Fiumicino you can travel to Verona, Fortaleza or Nossi Be'.

Ryanair the Irish budget airline also offer some cheap flights to Rome and there are a number of options. You can fly to Rome direct from cities including Madrid, Paris, Liverpool, Trapani and Frankfurt.

Wizz Air are a Hungarian based airline which was founded in 2004 and the airline now offers a number of flights across Europe including to both Rome airports. Read about Wizz Air flights to Rome...

SkyEurope are based in Slovakia and offer budget flights to and from 3 locations to Rome Fiumicino. Choose from Prague, Bratislava and Bucharest. Read more about SkyEurope budget flights to Rome...

Smart Wings offer one route and this is between Prague and Rome. Smartwings are worth checking because they sometimes offer some good prices. More about Smart Wings budget flights Prague to Rome.

Interested in budget accommodation also in the city?

You can visit the capital of Italy and enjoy everything that the historic place has to offer! From the Coliseum to the Vatican City and with some great restaurants and historical attractions. One thing to to ensure before arriving in Italy is to make sure that you get your travel insurance before leaving.

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Extra Travel info: There are some great areas to stay in cenral Rome and these include the area of Pantheon and the area of Piazza Navona.

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