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Rome Local Transport guide - Roma, Italy

The Rome that most visitors like to see is fairly compact so walking is one of the best modes of transport. However, there is an abundance of inexpensive public transport between all of Rome’s main attractions.

On arrival in Rome it is best to buy a three-day travel pass that will let you travel by bus and Metro to all the parts of Rome you want to visit. It is also possible to buy one-day passes and seven day passes.

Typical of all major cities, it is advisable not to travel during peak travel times in the early morning and at the end of the working day. On a day that you wish to visit Vatican City, Car rental driving in RomeTrevi Fountain, the Forum etc, the best way to travel is on foot as all the sights including the Pantheon are within easy walking distance.

The Rome Metro system is not comprehensive like the London Underground although the bus routes are. If you wish to travel to the suburbs of Rome there are over ground trains but once you have mastered the bus map, you will find that buses go to most places and are very frequent.

Rome also has a tram system that complements the buses and can get you from A to B quicker than buses on the main thoroughfares.

It is essential to buy your ticket before you travel and there are always plenty of ticket machines to be found. Your hotel will be able to advise you and once you have your pass, the beauty of Rome is yours to explore. Walking in many respects is the best local transport in Rome as the city is so beautiful that you simply stroll from one great historical site to the next, as if you were walking in a giant museum.

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