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Given Rome's unique history and culture, it will come as no surprise that there are numerous studies and research programs which are continually taking place on a variety of subjects, related to Rome, Italy. Below are some of our favourite research work and research on Rome. Feel free also to send us information on your academic research on Rome.

Rome Reborn

Under the guidance of Professor Bernie Frischer, the Rome Reborn project at the University of Virginia, is a study and research project which uses digital technology to showcase ancient Rome in Italy. This is a fascinating project which is ongoing and is a wonderful way to gain an understanding of how ancient Rome was designed.

Further Information: You can get more information from the official Rome Reborn website and if you are interested in helping to fund or sponsor the project, you can contact Mr.Bernie Frischer by email:

Myth, History And Culture In Republican Rome (University of Chicago)

Ancient RomeWritten by T.P Wiseman, the book on Rome history and culture covers a number of fascinating areas, including on Catullus and Agamemnon at Rome. Learn more about this fascinating book on Rome culture and Myth.

Growth in Roman Italy (Princeton University)

This twenty three page study looks at the way Roman Italy developed from an economic point of view. This research paper goes in great detail into the finances and development of Rome from between the 1st and 4th centuries BC and is a fascinating paper, for those interested in this field.

You can learn more on the Growth of Roman Italy via the Princeton University website.

Ancient Rome on Video

Interested in studying in Rome? You might be interested in our page on the American University of Rome, Italy.

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