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The city of Rome provides a wonderful environment in which to conduct ones studies. There is so much culture, history, entertainment, architecture and activity that it is difficult not to become inspired here. There are a large number of educational institutions in the city, one of which is the American University of Rome.

Within the extremely Italian culture of Rome can be found this English speaking institution which offers a range of degree level courses delivered through the medium of English. The American University of Rome is licensed by the Department of Education for Rome hotelsthe state of Delaware. Of all of the American universities outside of America, this is the oldest and can therefore be considered to be at the forefront of the concept.

Being a reasonably small institution with only around 500 students, the American University Rome offers a reasonably modest range of courses which vary in nature and include Bachelors, Associate degrees and minors. (Interested in academic research on Rome?)

Many of the subjects available, such as Archaeology, Global Politics, International Relations and Italian Studies are well suited to the surrounding environment and will ensure a unique experience for the student. Other courses include Business Administration, Arts, Literature, Communications, Film and Digital Media.

The campus of American University Rome is enjoys a glorious view of the city from its perch on the top of one of Rome’s highest hills, the Janiculum. The university has modern facilities despite its location and glorious settings, with many of the areas on campus having access to Wi-Fi and hi-tec support facilities. The gardens between the two main buildings are the ideal place to study on a sunny Rome day.  

if you have the chance to study in Rome, I would highly recommend it. The chance to live in a city steeped in culture and with fantastic food and in a city where studying a subject such as Art History or Archaeology is the perfect place. It can be difficult at first, getting used to the Italian ways i.e. the lack of queues when trying to order something or the way in which Italians raise their voices to be heard the loudest. Over time though, it can be a fascinating culture to experience and studying here in Rome, Italy, will give you that opportunity.


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