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Football in Rome - Calcio in Roma

Football in Rome

Football (or calcio as it is known locally, or soccer to people in North America) is one of the most popular sports in Rome and tourists will find that the Italians are very passionate about football and tend to take the sport very seriously.  If you are football fan or a sports enthusiast and happen to be visiting Rome when a football match is being played, it might be worth considering attending a game. In Rome, football is almost like a religion and visitors to the city should not be surprised to find the city jam packed when a game is on.

The city of Rome plays host to two popular football teams, the Lazio Roma and the A.S. Roma.

A.S. Roma

AS Roma is the usually most popular team in Rome and boasts a huge fan base. Roma fans wear the red and yellow colours and display them as flags and street art during the Italian footballtime of a match.

Most of the football games in Rome are conducted at the Olympic stadium(Stadio Olimpico). Finding your way to the stadium on match day is fairly easy and you will not have to ask anyone for directions if you just follow the people wearing sports shirts and carrying flags emblazoned with the team colours. If you plan on using public transport, take the Metropolitan train from Termini. Visitors will need to go down at the last stop and take Bus 32 to the Piazzale della Farnesina bus stop, from where they can walk to the stadium.

A lot of the games take place on Sunday afternoons. You can find tickets for AS Roma online or direct from the club.

Lazio football

With blue shirts and white shorts, Lazio are arch city rivals with AS Roma and few fans would ever follow both teams, such is the rivalry.

Stadio Olimpico, Stadium: Via Foro Italico, 00194 Roma.

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Watching a football game in Rome has often been described as one of the most exhilarating and exciting things that can be experienced in the world today. You may find it a bit hard to get tickets so it is advisable to book in advance. If you want to get good seats you should book early and go to the stadium well before the games begin.

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