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Best Restaurants: Ad Hoc restaurant, Via di Ripetta 43 -  Rome

Ad Hoc restaurant near the Spanish Steps in Roma


Via di Ripetta 43, Rometel, +39 063233040.


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Open:Everyday for dinner from 19.00 to 0.30. On Sunday open at lunch too ( 12.30 - 14.30). Never closed.

Description: The restaurant Ad Hoc Rome, is located between Spanish Steps and Popolo square, an ideal place to spend a pleasant moment for relaxation and to discover Best restaurants Spanish Stepsthe ancient tastes and smells of Roman and Mediterranean cuisine.

Ad Hoc offers locally prepared and true Roman style cuisine and on entering the restaurant you will be warmly greeted. Food available usually includes a selection of the best products including aging San Daniele prosciutto, Pata Negra and Norcia. Expect some very good chooses and one of the most impressive choices of wine of any restaurant in Rome. A choice of fresh fishes and the restaurant in all offers a choice of 500 wines and 30 dessert wines.

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