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5 Ways to Learn Italian

How to learn to speak Italian

Italian is a passionate and romantic language which is fun to learn. Below are some of the best ways to learn Italian.

Start an Italian language course at Night school or college

This is an opportunity to undertake a formal course which will provide your learning with structure and direction. You can either undertake a full time course or enroll on a part time Learning Italiancourse, which generally run in the evenings and tie in well with other commitments. If you pay to do a college course you will be more motivated to complete it, plus you will be able to enjoy learning with other people.

Hire an Italian Tutor

If you prefer not to learn as part of a group then you may find a personal tutor to be more productive. You can pay somebody to come to your house, or perhaps to meet you in a public place, and tailor the learning process directly to your needs and requirements.

Self learning i.e. through Michel Thomas

Self learning can be highly successful for those who have good discipline and can stick to the plans which they create for themselves. You can learn from doing exercises in books or by listening to audio tapes amongst various other techniques. the Michel Thomas Italian CD series is an excellent way of learning from my own experience.

Reading Italian books

You can find a genre of literature which suits your interests and make an effort to read it on a regular basis. With determination and the help of a dictionary you can make real progress using this method and gain a good understanding of the structure of the Italian language. Reading a children's book in Italian can be a great way to learn the language.

Watching Movies

This is a fun way to learn Italian as you can enjoy Italian media whilst picking up key words and terms. Consider watching movies with Italian sub-titles and with Italian vocals so that you can hear and see the words simultaneously.

Another option is to study Italian in Italy. You can go to school in Rome in Rome International School for example, and by being surrounded 24/7 with Italian, this will also aid you in learning the native language, even if your main schooling is in English.

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