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5 Best nightclubs to Try in Rome, Italy

Rome's Best nightclubs and nightlife - judged by Paul

Rome boasts some of the best nightclubs and nightlife in Italy. The city is best known for its jazz clubs, but there are also a number of trendy bars, lounges and dance clubs in Rome that visitors are sure to enjoy. Below a list of some of the best nightclubs in Rome.

1. Gilda nightclub (97 Via Mario de' Fiori, 00187) - Gilda is a spectacular club that is frequented by many celebrities and VIP personalities. This upscale nightclub boasts of two dance floors and a piano bar and visitors can expect to hear some of the very best Disco tracks played in the dance area. Popular football stars, TV personalities and retired Nightclubbing in Pantheonpoliticians are known to frequent this establishment.

2. Alexanderplatz (Via Ostia 9, 00153) - Arguably the most popular jazz nightclub in the city, the Alexanderplatz is a popular destination for jazz enthusiasts and curious tourists from all over the world. This club has a bar and a restaurant where patrons can enjoy Italian culinary delights while listening to top-notch jazz performances.

3. Alien nightclub (Via Velletri 13) – Considered to be one of the trendiest clubs in Rome, Alien is a great place to go for a fun-filled night of dancing. This establishment is one of the oldest disco clubs in the city and patrons will be treated to the very latest music featuring a variety of ambient, house and hip hop tracks. Alien is also very popular with the city’s gay community.

4. Alpheus nightclub, Rome (Via del Commercio 36) - Alpheus is an excellent choice for people who want to add a little variety to their nightlife experience. The club is known for hosting excellent cabaret shows, theatrical performances and musical concerts. Alpheus attracts patrons from all walks of life and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

5. Radio Londra (Via Monte Testaccio 67, 00153) - This establishment is popular among the different subcultures in Rome. Expect to see people in both chic and outrageous outfits here. Goth enthusiasts sporting tattoos and piercings favour this club. The club has a pizzeria on the second floor, a bar and a dance floor.

There are many great nightclubs across the city and TimeOut Rome and similar publocations for tourists, can be great for identifying the latest new clubs.

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