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5 Best English and Irish pubs in Rome, Italy

5 Best English and Irish pubs in Rome

English and Irish pubs are more than just bars where special brews are served as they are also known for their unique ambience. They are extremely popular with people from all around the world and as a result many countries aim to replicate this experience by having Irish and English pubs in their cities. Rome has a great collection of English and Live jazz musicBritish pubs and 5 of our favourites are below.

1. Scholar’s Lounge – This Irish bar is located in the heart of the city at Via del Plebiscito, 101/b and is open everyday until 3.30 in the morning. Located next door to Berlusconi’s apartment in Rome, this Irish Bar and Club is very popular with tourists.

2. Druids Pubs – There are two of these pubs in Rome, namely, the Druids Den and the Druids Rock. Both of them are run by the same management and generally considered to be the best Irish pubs in the city, in terms of the quality of food, beverages and ambience.

3. Trinity College Irish Pub – This pub is located at Via del Collegio Romano and is one of the more popular pubs in Rome.

4. Finnegan’s – This pub is very well known, since it is only one of the two Irish pubs in Rome that are actually owned by an Irishman. It is a very friendly place and offers patrons some great Guinness brews and a chance to watch Sky Sports.

5. Irish Pub Abbey Theatre – This pub is located at Via del Governo Vecchio near the Piazza Navona.

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