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Advice on bargain hunting when shopping in Italy

Shopping for Bargains in Rome and around Italy

With its fashion houses and cultural centers in cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan, Italy has a reputation as a shopper’s paradise. However prices are often high and as such, many holiday makers come back from the country with a sizeable dent in their bank accounts.  However shopping in Italy doesn’t need to bankrupt you in order to Bargain huntingfind bargains and get a taste of the designers and manufacturers that make the country world famous.

For Italy, Milan is arguably the country’s shopping capital with its fashion houses and boutiques selling anything and everything you could desire. However, as one would expect such glamour comes at a price, especially on the high street but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the odd bargain. Smaller boutiques off the main roads and piazzas, which are dominated by the likes of Prada and Gucci, will yield clothing items that cater for every budget; it’s just a case of finding them.

Clothing isn’t the only thing, Italy is renowned for and cities such as Florence also have a bustling jewelry sector. Jewelry though, especially that of gold and silver, is likely to eat into a budget so instead of going to the likes of Florence and Milan that cater to the tourists, try smaller cities such as Siena.

While it may not have the selection of Florence, it can offer many products at lower prices with the same quality. The city is also known for have a selection of discounted leather goods that would reach astronomical prices anywhere else in the country.

As you’d expect in the major cities, prices are often more inflated as they’re catering for a certain market, especially in Rome where prices are at their highest around ‘tourist traps’ such as the Spanish Steps. Despite this, certain ‘vias’ do offer boutiques with cheaper wares, though the items on sale may be deemed less chic by the more fashion-conscious than the higher end items.

However if you are looking to take home a piece of Italy at a reduced price, try local neighbourhood markets and stalls that are normally frequented by the populous. At bargain prices you can buy local produce as well as hand-crafted goods that, not only won’t be available in high-street stores, but are locally made and unique.  This includes glass, leather, lace and silk products as well as food such as cheese, cold meats and wine.

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