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Guide to the Annual International Urban Theatre Festival

The International Urban Theatre Festival is one of the most important cultural festivals in the city of Rome. The festival is an annual event that draws playwrights, actors, and theatre enthusiasts from all over the world. The Urban Theatre Festival was first started by Roman theatre groups in an attempt to bring the then fading art form of theatre back in to the mainstream.

During the festival, Rome’s urban spaces and city areas are transformed into theatres and stages. Using surprise tactics, theatre performers stage events throughout the city Outdoor theatre festivalconverting street corners into stages and passers-by into an audience. The entire event has a carnival-like atmosphere, and both the performers and the spectators end up enjoying the show.

All the events in the festival are free for anyone who wants to watch. Performances and programmes start at around 5pm and continue up until the stroke of midnight. If you are looking to participate in the International Urban Theatre Festival, it is advisable that you make plans for your accommodation at the earliest, as hotels and hostels in Rome are soon booked to the maximum during the festival season.

The festival is held in the month of September, and it is best to fly in during the first week of the month. It also pays to get a hold of a schedule of all the performances. Information regarding venues, schedules, and theatre groups can be obtained from the Abraxas Theatre, located in the Villa Flora, a building at Via Portuense. The festival organizers will also provide tourists with maps and directions as the festival takes place at venues all over the city.

Cost: Free
Event website:
Location: Various stages and areas.

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