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Sistine Chapel, Rome - beginners guide

Guide to the Sistine Chapel, Rome

Travellers who visit the city of Rome should pay a visit to the famous Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. The Sistine Chapel is the Vatican’s main chapel and is best known as the gathering place for the heads of the Roman Catholic Church.

Getting to the Sistine Chapel

To get to the Sistine Chapel, visitors must travel to the Vatican City, the smallest independent state in the World. The Vatican is well-connected to other parts of Rome by train, bus and by taxi. Visitors can take Rome’s Metro line A to the stations in Ottaviano or Cipro. Travellers can also take the number 64 bus that travels from Central Rome to the Southern part of the Vatican. From here, visitors can travel to the Sistine Chapel on foot.

Sistine Chapel History

Built by Giovannino de' Dolci, the Sistine Chapel is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in the Vatican area. Many of Italy’s most famous artists have worked on the chapel and spent more than a few years of their lives in completing the daunting task of decorating the Inside the Sistine Chapelbeautiful structure. Inside the chapel, visitors will find paintings and frescoes by world renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Signorelli, Rosselli, Ghirlandaio and Boticelli, who have drawn heavily on biblical images. Notable paintings include the various depictions of the lives of Jesus and Moses on the walls of the chapels. One of the most widely mentioned among them is the painting of the Last Judgement.

It is also interesting to note that the chapel’s dimensions are similar, if not identical to the dimensions of Solomon’s temple. The chapel has a rectangular shape and a flat ceiling. The Sistine Chapel is best known for the numerous works of art adorning its ceiling as painted by Michelangelo on the orders of Pope Paul III.

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