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Island of Capri, Campania near Rome (Beginners guide)

Guide to the Island of Capri, Italy

Capri, a small island located off the coast of Italy, is a popular holiday destination and is situated in the Bay of Naples and is a mere 3.1 miles from the mainland. The island of Capri is known for its many coastal resorts and scenic surroundings and there are a number of island tours and sightseeing opportunities around Capri.

Capri Town and Anacapri

Capri boast two scenic towns, namely Capri town and Anacapri. Anacapri is located on a plateau above Capri town and provides visitors with less expensive accommodation. Capri town is located in the centre of the island and offers several luxury and budget hotels.

Getting to Capri

The easiest way of getting to the island of Capri is to travel by boat. There are many hydrofoils that dock in the port of Forio or the port of Ischia waiting to take travellers to the island. These boats usually dock on the Northern part of the island along the Marina View of Capri islandGrande. Travellers can also choose to travel by ferry. Ferries coming in from Naples to Capri usually cost about 16 euros and the entire trip takes 40 minutes.

Ferries from regions like Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi, on the other hand costs about 12 euros to Capri; it takes 20 minutes to get to the island. There are a total of 20 ferries that travel to and from Naples to Capri everyday, while there are 15 ferries travelling from Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi. Notable tourist spots around the island include the town of Anacapri, the Villa Jovis and the Blue Grotto.

Getting around the island

The best way to get around Capri is by bus. There are buses waiting at the Marina Grande to take passengers to other areas in the island. These buses are usually relatively cheap and provide a very cost effective way of getting around the island. You can pay:

Travellers can also take the island’s Mountain Tram named the Funicolare. The tram travels from the marina to a town on top of a nearby hill.

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