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Baths of Caracalla, Rome - Attractions guide

Baths of Caracalla, Rome

Situated in the south-eastern part of what was considered to be ancient Rome, the Baths of Caracalla were public baths constructed during the early 3rd century AD. The construction of these baths took place approximately in the period between 212 and 216 AD and the baths got their name from Emperor Caracalla under whose reign these Baths of Caracallamagnificent structures were erected. After the construction was completed, the baths were opened for use for the next 300 years until a large section of the structures was brought down during the Gothic War.

These Roman baths also had dedicated areas to cater to different stages of a long bath. Bathers would start the bathing process at the ‘calidarium’, an area which was dedicated to hot baths and then venture into the ‘tepidarium’ to enjoy a lukewarm bath experience. The next stage of the bathing experience would be the ‘frigidarium’ meant for cold baths. At the final stage, bathers would enjoy a free swim at an open air swimming pool constructed within the Caracalla bath complex.

The original structure of the Baths of Caracalla occupied an area of nearly 13 hectares and the bath area was nearly 750 feet long and had a width of nearly 400 feet. The Baths of Caracalla could accommodate more than 1600 bathers at a time. Today, the ruins of the original Roman baths attract tourists from all over the world, throughout the year.

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