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Pantheon, Rome - A Guide to the Pantheon area in Italy

Pantheon, Italy - A Guide to the Pantheon area

The Pantheon area is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rome. In Greek, the word “pantheon” means "to honor all Gods." The Pantheon is an ancient building that was first built on the orders of the Emperor Hadrian in 27 BCE. It is considered to be a marvel of ancient architecture and is famous for its large, majestic dome. It is also one of the few structures from the Greco-Roman times to have remained in relatively good condition. The Pantheon also houses the tombs of many Italian Kings.

The Pantheon dome is considered to be one of the largest masonry domes in the world. Visitors to the temple complex will immediately notice its large dome, where Pantheon attractions in Italythere is still evidence of the old bronze ceiling that was melted down in the time of Pope Urban VIII. Another notable feature of the dome is a large hole in the middle, without which the entire structure would collapse.

Getting a tour guide is recommended as there are many other attractions in the area surrounding the Pantheon, and having a guide will facilitate seeing as much of the area as possible. There are many agencies in the Pantheon area that offer visitors guided tours at reasonable prices. This region is also an excellent location to learn about archaeological stratigraphy since the Pantheon is situated on the edge of a hill.

Should you visit the Pantheon area on rainy day, you are sure to enjoy the sight of raindrops falling through the central opening of the dome. Although the central area of the dome is roped off during rainy days, visitors are free to walk around and watch the rain falling into the Pantheon.

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