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Guide to the areas of Rome

When traveling to Rome, Italy it can sometimes be confusing to know about the different areas of the city. In this section of sub-pages we look at the main areas of Rome and discuss what each has to other the tourist.

Vatican City in Rome

A country within a country makes for a unique situation and that is what the Vatican (as an independent state) is within the Rome, Italy. Learn about the Vatican.

Pantheon area

Pantheon is an area you will almost certainly want to go to if you visit Rome because this is a key location for some key attractions. Read about the Pantheon area of Rome, Italy.

Piazza Navona

There cannot be much better place to sit and relax than in a cafe in the Piazza Navona area. Read about the area of Piazza Navona.

Piazza Navona in RomeSpanish Steps

A very popular area with tourists, the Spanish Steps area of the city is great for access to local attractions and for a place to stay. Learn about the Spanish Steps Rome...

Campo Dei Fiori

Campo Dei Fiori, or the field of flowers as it translates, is a wonderful area with plenty of cafes, restaurants and piazza areas. Learn more about the Campo Dei Fiori area of Rome...

Trastevere area of Rome

With Stazione Trastevere good for travel to the airport and with this area very close to the other main areas, this is a great location. Read more about the Trastevere part of Rome.

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