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Vacation Rentals in Rome (Holiday apartments)

Holiday and Vacation apartments are a very popular way to stay in major cities on holiday these days, with this short-term accommodation type offering very good per person costs per day when broken down by costs. Also with extra space and self-catering facilities, oen can easily see why vacation rental apartments are so popular. Below a look at various guides into Rome holiday and vacation rentals.

Vacation apartments overview

Learn more about the benefits and reasons why holiday apartments are popular and find out the best areas in Rome to stay in for short-term rentals. Rome rentals overview.

Guide to choosing a vacation rental apartment in Trastevere

The Trastevere area of Rome is central and a wonderful location in which to be based and Italian girls in Romafor this reason it does tend to be very popular. The good news is that there are a number of vacation rentals and holiday apartments on offer. Learn about choosing a vacation rental in Trastevere in Rome.

Vacation Rentals in Campo Dei Fiori

You cannot go far wrong by renting a oliday or vacation apartment in the Campo Dei Fiori area. More about vacation rentals in Campo Dei Fiori, Rome.

Read more information on Rome apartments for holiday stays in the Italian capital.

Apartments are a real hotel alternative and in Rome the style of some is so beautiful it is well worth choosing as an alternative to the usual hotel room.

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