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5 Best Youth Hostels in Rome

With Rome being highly popular with travellers and tourists, there are a number of youth hostels located throughout the city which offer accommodation which whilst cheap, maintain a good level of cleanliness and safety. Below are some of the best hostels in Rome.

The Original Alessandro Palace

This is part of a small group of established youth hostels in the centre of Rome. It offers rooms which all have on-suite bathroom facilities and also boasts a high quality lounge Youth hostelsand bar with cheap drinks and a wide screen telly to encourage socialising amongst guests. Wi-Fi is available.

Alessandro Downtown

Affiliated with The Original Alessandro Palace, this hostel follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by offering high quality and spacious rooms at budget prices. One of the best features of this hostel is the fully equipped kitchen. The central location is ideal for tourists. This is a youth hostel Rome which is one of our favourites.

M & J Place

Renowned for its friendliness, once you overcome the obstacle of finding this hostel in its not so obvious location, it is a pleasant and surprisingly personable experience. There are only a few rooms though so book before you depart!!!

Fawlty Towers Hostel Rome

Don’t let the name of the hostel put you off, this is one of the most established hostels in Rome and offers a cheap but safe option for those looking for a centrally located hostel.

Christina Rooms

One of the newer hostels in Rome, Christina Rooms is decorated in a contemporary fashion. There is the option to stay in rooms with private facilities, including a TV, or to stay in rooms with shared facilities.

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