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Vacation apartment options in Campo Dei Fiori, Rome

If you wish to stay in the Campo Dei Fiori area in Rome, booking a vacation apartment rental for the period of your stay will provide you with budget friendly accommodation and the opportunity to enjoy the region’s culture from the privacy of your own apartment.

This neighbourhood in Rome is particularly popular with tourists on account of its proximity to several of the city’s important tourist attractions, including the Trevi fountain, the Piazza Venezia, the Jewish Ghetto and the Piazza Navona. You will be able to find a number of vacation apartment rentals in this area to suit your needs no matter what your budget is. The prices for apartment rentals in the Campo Dei Fiori Shops in Campo Dei Fioriarea range from 60 euros per night to 200 euros or more.

Most of the apartments in this area are fully furnished and have well stocked kitchens, living rooms and two bedrooms or more. You can even rent a luxury apartment along with staff to help take care of housekeeping and meals while you are in Rome.

There are different types of vacation apartment rentals in the neighbourhood and many of these come with their own gardens and terraces. Several vacation apartment rentals in the Campo Dei Fiori area are housed in charming and traditional Roman buildings; however, despite their rustic appearance, many of these apartments have been outfitted with the latest home appliances including plasma screen televisions, microwaves and Jacuzzis.

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